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     C.B.M. was founded in 1962 on its current site, although it had been previously operating in Milan since 1945. It developed over an area of 30,000 m2, 10,000 m2 of which are under cover.

From the very start, the company specialised in medical equipment, especially in the area of sterilisation, manufacturing high quality equipment that is reliable and is built to last:

To complete the range of articles, we produce the following:

        -  Examination couches

        -  Display cases

        -  Stools

        -  Waste holders

        -  Surgery lamps

        -  Stands for drip feeds

The articles produced have always been used in the hospital, dental and aesthetic sectors.

The range of articles, over 4000 in all, can be managed quickly and efficiently because of the way C.B.M. is organised.

Our technical office is of course always willing to consider personalised technical specifications when necessary.

As we frequently supply through international tender, this is a guarantee of meeting required delivery times.

Any agent can therefore turn to us, safe in the knowledge that he will receive a delivery in the required time and manner, whatever the quantity requested.

The company uses traditional sales channels (wholesalers and distributors) as well as distributing its own products throughout Italy and the world.

The quality system certification that we have held since 1995 show the high level of quality that we supply.

Current reference standards

EN ISO 13485:2016


C.B.M. is part of the Working Groups (WG) of the European Technical Committee (TC102) that draws up a list of norms regarding sterilisation. This qualification allows the technology supplied to be updated in real time.