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Air is certainly the cheapest way to exchange heat with the medical devices to be sterilised. Hot air is the classic way to sterilise objects that may be damaged by steam, such as sharp instruments and glass items.


C.B.M. links tradition with the latest technology and the hygiene associated with stainless steel.


“Panacea” dry air sterilising units, which are immediately recognisable by their “stainless” design, guarantee the best sterilisation service thanks to the microprocessor control with P.I.D. system.


C.B.M. offers hot air sterilizing units for every need, from the hospital to the professional’s surgery.


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P.I.D. is an acronym of the following words:
P =  Proportional
I = Integral
D = Derivative
This acronym identify the algorithm used by a system in order to control the correct achievement of a physical measure set point.
In our sterilizer this algorithm is applied to the temperature control system in order to attain the correct sterilization condition .
The PID algorithm  compare the real temperature inside of the chamber and the reference set point, afterwards it calculate the discrepancy between them and regulate the heat generation in order to reach the reference temperature in a manner that avoid the oscillation around the reference point.
In particular the system are composed by three different variables :
-          The proportional variable increase the velocity in reaching the reference temperature
-          The derivative variable regulate the system while the temperature is near to the reference point in order to avoid temperature peaks
-          The integral variable leads the system to reach the correct reference temperature